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A logbook service is a service that completes all the items advised by the manufacturer at any given service interval. If your car still has a new car warranty, we use either genuine or high quality aftermarket parts that meet original equipment specifications to ensure your new car warranty is not compromised. It is a myth that your car must be serviced by a manufacturers dealership. Affordable Auto Solutions are well known for being a leader in logbook servicing.

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We use our years of experience, combined with state-of-the-art equipment to accurately pinpoint faults with your vehicle. We are able to investigate any lights that display on your dash including engine, ABS, ASC, airbag, DPF, charging system, cooling system and any other malfunction warnings on your driver information display.


Timing Belts

Timing belts are a very important engine component that must be replaced periodically in accordance with manufacturers recommendations. The purpose of a timing belt is to keep the valves in the cylinder head in time with the crankshaft to ensure correct running of a engine. Failure to replace a timing belt could result in the belt breaking and usually results in engine damage which is expensive to repair and in many cases a new engine is required.

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Affordable Auto Solutions, located in Kippa-Ring on the Redcliffe Peninsula, is an automotive workshop serving North Brisbane and its surrounding areas.

Our goal is to provide cost-effective car servicing and repairs to our customers including Logbook servicing, minor/major servicing, brakes, clutches, mechanical and electrical repairs and accessories.

We are considered by many as logbook servicing specialists, we use high quality parts and lubricants to protect your manufacturers warranty. Our customers regularly save money by having us maintain their vehicles instead of their local dealer.


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